Most Versatile Blogger Nomination

This blog hasn’t been around long. I only created it in January 2012, and have made a scant 14 posts between January and today. I have received some great feedback on my blog, I have had one of my favourite fantasy authors link to my blog on facebook, and I have had some of my posts linked to Isobelle Carmody’s official fansite, I have alot of plans for this blog, and it makes me so happy to know that people support me in my fantasy writing, reading, and viewing endeavors.

So imagine my delighted surprise when I opened my inbox on Friday to discover the lovely Lily Wright (Check her out here: had nominated me for a Most Versatile Blogger Award! It means so much to me, Lily, especially as I haven’t been on wordpress long!!! So short have I been on wordpress, I don’t even have 15 blogs I can nominate for the award! Give me some time, and I’ll get onto it!

Thanks again Lily, and thanks to everyone who supports this blog! This blog is for all of you, speculative fiction lovers!!!

About InkAshlings

Maureen, Australian, young aspiring writer.
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1 Response to Most Versatile Blogger Nomination

  1. Lily Wight says:

    That’s a lovely post, Maureen. Keep blogging! There’s a fantastic community on WordPress who will always help to keep you motivated! My first posting was the end of February this year and things have really snowballed since then!
    Keep dropping by and commenting xx

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