Blog of the Year Nominations

After putting some thought into it, here are the blogs I would like to award with the Blog of the Year.

1. Mrs Tribble’s ‘Wine and Roses from Outer Space’

Why? Because I really passionately believe in the good that this blog does. I find the stories told on this blog to be encouraging and empowering and important. I am interested in autism and epilepsy and I find this site to be a practical approach to these issues.

2. Lily Wright

I like the assortment of good things that this lady posts. I especially like the articles on Middle Earth surfacing at the moment. Go check them out 🙂

3. Marc Shuster’s ‘Abominations’

I like Marc’s blog because Marc is a fellow writer like myself and because he supports indie and small print publishers. great job, Marc!

4. Stephen Ormsby’s Author Website

The series of author interviews Stephen is conducting are really interesting. One with Margo Lanagan was particularly memorable.

Business resumes as normal on this blog on sunday, when I look at a crash hot genre in speculative fiction, steampunk! Happy reading!



About InkAshlings

Maureen, Australian, young aspiring writer.
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One Response to Blog of the Year Nominations

  1. ferragudofan says:

    congratulations on your award – and thank you for sharing the award with other great blogs
    you can find the rules here:

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