Steampunk Fashion

Wow. So much for December being all about steampunk. I got a new job and graduated university so life has been go go go for me. I haven’t touched my manuscript in weeks, let alone this blog. Still- there’s no time like the present and I owe my readers a fashion post.

Now that we have established exactly what steampunk is (as much as one can exactly define something as slippery as steampunk anyway), it’s time to look at steampunk fashion. Think goggles and brass and corsets and creveats and top hats and nerf guns and bustle skirts and buckles and canes and boots and you wouldn’t be far off.

Recently, such fashion has crept more and more into the mainstream. Look no further than the quirky yet popular oscar nominated actress Helena Bonham Carter. Her look at the Enid premiere was distinctly steampunk. Note the top hat and netting and the vintage necklaces.


And in fashion shoots too.


Two top hats Helena! Nice steampunkesque jacket and brass necklaces…

Heck. Most of what this woman wears is partially steampunk inspired. And even if she isn’t always technically steampunk, look her up anyway. She is awesome.

Moving away from celebs, tv characters have been coming over all steampunk too. Look no further than Doctor Who. Remember the 1996 telemovie starring Paul McGann as the iconic Time Lord? See the creveat and the brocade vest and the brass buttons and the fob watch? Also, the eleventh doctor has been rather steampunk, especially in the TARDIS with the contraptions used. All of that brass!


Or what about Victorian Industrial burlesque singer Emilie Autumn? Note the corset, top hat and cogs on the skirt.


And note the boots and the full skirt here…


Have some steampunk author Gail Carriger too.


But maybe that’s enough pop culture shoehorning for now. Have some images of some proper steampunkers.



Sepia Steampunk

And if that’s not enough to help you out, have my 21st costume (steampunk themed of course)


Get experimenting!

Next post: Steampunk fiction

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