Guest Review: Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS

Missus Tribble

I’m still not entirely sure that this episode makes an iota of sense and I’ve watched the episode twice now. How did Clara end up with a literal reset button? How did time reassert itself with the two brothers touching? Did Thompson really have to make everyone forget? But the other part of me thinks who cares? What a mind fuck of an episode.

In summary: Clara is allowed to fly the TARDIS with The Doctor’s guidance after the episode establishes yet again Clara’s feisty relationship with the time machine. Because it is being flown with minimal defences, the TARDIS is sucked into a scrapyard for salvage and resell. The Doctor gets out in time but Clara is trapped inside the crashed ship. The Doctor manages to persuade the salvagers to come inside and help him find Clara using a clever ruse but can he fix the TARDIS engine room…

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