Merlin Poetry

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted any original work from myself. I have just completed a novel plotting and planning course with the indomitable Kate Forsyth and am therefore reworking my manuscript (damn those inciting incidents in the wrong place!) Meanwhile, I am also working on a Merlin verse novel. Because I’m not ambitious or anything. I am also waiting for some beta editors to get back to me about a poetry collection I intend to self publish early next year. Stay tuned.

So anyway, to give you a taste of what I am currently working on, check out two of the early poems written for my Merlin collection. It is from Part One: The Hollow Hills. Comments are very much welcome as is constructive criticism as these poems are raw and unedited.


The earth embraced me.
Wrapped and embalmed
limb to limb, as I
once wound about a woman.

The hollow hill swallowed my harp song.
Damp touched my fingers and my heart
shook, then stilled the hand and the mouth
forcing her name from my lips.


A Sidhe Mound

They came by the knotted oak
caressed the gnarled twists and bumps
and sniffed its scent.
Climbing down the mound
hand over hand
They shake and shiver.

Fairy bells clang, a white stag
chomps at its garlanded bit.
Over there Morrigan offers a cup
and her sister draws silver
out of the mist.
Barring the way in and out.

None hear my voice for my own
touching the tree whorls
or sliding downslope
poking bush to bush
or ear against the eerie ground
All swear they hear
the spirits talking.


Paintings are from John Waterhouse, poetry copyright Maureen Flynn 2013

About InkAshlings

Maureen, Australian, young aspiring writer.
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