Carla (A Feminist Manifesto)- Poem

I wrote this poem a few years back and it is pretty rough (in more ways than one as it discusses sexual assault) but it also is a fair example of what my verse novella will be like in terms of the style of free verse. Enjoy and don’t forget to follow my poetry collection page here:

Carla (A Feminist Manifesto)

In one ill defined moment
I was above and beyond myself.
I saw the shocked faces;
closed eyes, turned away
(as if acknowledgement were
dangerous, affirming validity)
thought I saw behind
a husband long gone into abyss
my greying, blue eyed kindess
an old and young Heavan
(though these days they’d call it
Freudian Slip-
the habit of sexual repression
and nothing more).

Ha! Repression and tirra lee
tirra lee by the sea.
Call me the mad woman
Sweep my cobwebs away
at the proclamation; “we never
saw nothing, that weird one
we never saw her cry.”

One crosses, bow headed, prays
“The Lord giveth, and the
Lord taketh away. Blessed
be the name of the Lord.”
Filthy mouthpiece, what rot!
Your God never cared
about me.
Or at least he turned his face
if only for one night of
palms pressed down, tasting teeth
my barricades battered, lifted
up by the roots.
Shoved onto my own bed
where the screaming never
Nor the hurrying, passing
footsteps (Oh so ashamed)
Nor the ache of the

In this house of women
it’s not only periods that sync.
The addition of just one
gives shared nightly fears
that he picks and chooses.
Thus selected, let me lie
so that standing on a parapet, a precipice
holds no fear
but rather the promise of
timely escape.

About InkAshlings

Maureen, Australian, young aspiring writer.
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2 Responses to Carla (A Feminist Manifesto)- Poem

  1. thequietpages says:

    Oh my dear. This made me weep.

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