Jill (Poem)

I’m on a poetry roll with my ebook coming out on Saturday 1st! This poem is positively ancient and is based off the relationship between Jill and Rhodry in Katharine Kerr’s Deverry Saga. I am quite fond of it even in its oldness. I hope you get fond of it too!


Golden locks cropped
to frame powder blue,
can’t help me
understand you.

As the years scud by
and grey irons
out your youth
while wrinkles spider web
across a pale, wane face
not even illness
brings you back to me
and finally, finally
I’ve stopped trying.

Your eyes know truth
and to you I cannot lie.
I’ll keep loving you
till the day that I die.

On the rooftop
your mouth is uncomfortable
so I beg for friendship
though I will forever
dream of you.
Think of bitter dregs
yes, bittersweet crumbs
cast my ever so elegant way
as my wyrd pulls me
somewhere far away.

Chasing words, dreams
obeying my cue.
Doing my best
to find an answer for you.

Oh, I’m morbid they say!
Instead of running from shadows
I yearn for their unsteady touch.
All because
everyone I’ve ever loved
is underground
Or if I tell myself the truth
reborn, recycled
broken on an an endless wheel
where death has no power,
over the emotions we feel.

I see you now; young, fit
and ever so irrevocably mine
how sad you did not live for me to tell you
at last I understand why that love was lost in time.

Brief scattered tears
cannot help
the pain I feel
at your sacrifice
even as I know
it is not the first
nor our last goodbye
the Gods guide us
lead us into
warmth and open arms
and sometimes
they let us try again.

It wasn’t your fault
and it wasn’t mine
But why were we chosen to be torn apart
By Dweomerkind?

And why couldn’t you ever see
that you were the only one for me?

But at last I can answer
because now, oh now I understand
that it wasn’t your fault
and it wasn’t mine
that loves lost and won
are nothing upon the sands of time.

About InkAshlings

Maureen, Australian, young aspiring writer.
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