Twitter has been hacked!

For goodness sake. My twitter account has been hacked and the hackers changed my email address as well as my password. I have filed a report with twitter support but so far nada. I would love to have my online identity back before the next million years has passed.

Has anyone had this happen before? What can you do?

And in the meantime, please don’t touch any links from twitter!


About InkAshlings

Maureen, Australian, young aspiring writer.
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6 Responses to Twitter has been hacked!

  1. staticsan says:

    Fortunately you still have WordPress authorised to post to Twitter! 🙂

  2. paulaacton says:

    I am gutted for you it couldn’t have come at a worse time either with the book launch, twitter are notoriously slow for responding I just wish these people would get their own lives instead of stealing other peoples

    • InkAshlings says:

      I don’t know what to do. Should I make a new account?

      • paulaacton says:

        I would wait until Twitter get in touch but I would keep an eye on your email account and maybe change the passwords on that or the user name as they have your email address and if they change that password you are really in trouble

      • InkAshlings says:

        I have turned off tweet links to and from facebook, goodreads and wordpress and changed my facebook password and both of my emails. I think I am now covered!

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