A Quick Interview with Myself!

I had some questions left over from my Freshly Booked Interview which unfortunately didn’t fit into the (very generous) sixty minute time slot. I have decided to put the five most interesting here in case people are still hungry for more!

Who are your favourite authors?

I really, really hate questions of this sort. I usually find, and I say this with all due respect because I am friends with a lot of wonderful writers, that authors let me down. Sooner or later. They let me down. Even the best ones. I much prefer listing favourite books for this reason. Having said that, I go crazy for Agatha Christie. I love what she says about the human condition and I even love her Mary Westmacott novels. Absent in the Spring may be one of the best unexpected reads of 2013. I love Juliet Marillier for her writing style. She really personifies her ‘I.’ I also love the imagination in most Isobelle Carmody novels. I love everything by Lemony Snicket and can’t understand why everyone else doesn’t love him alongside me. I love most things by Philip Pullman and I even have a postcard from him(!) but I wasn’t a fan of The Goodman Jesus and the Scoundrel Christ and he hasn’t written anything of note in some time. I really want more of those Sally Lockhart mysteries. Surely I’m not the only one!

What do you like to do when you are not writing?

I love working with children. I tutor in high school English and I also work for an NGO with children and adults with a disability. I am so lucky that I love both my jobs! I love listening to weird music like symphonic metal. I also have a shameless obsession with all things Doctor Who. The latest thing in my CD player is Big Finish’s Dark Eyes 2 with Paul McGann. Great stuff!

How did you come up with the title for your book?

My Heart’s Choir Sings is a metaphor. My debut book is a verse novella about a relationship gone wrong, with the 25 poem sequence serving as a eulogy. The main character, Stewart, who is penning the poetry, is ‘singing’ in poetry form of his heart’s loss. That’s how I see it, anyway.

Does your main hero/heroine have an interesting quirk?

What I really like about having Stewart as the narrator of the poetry pieces, is that we learn just as much about him as we do about the object of his eulogy. Each poem reveals something about his partner, yes, but also something about Stewart’s own muddied and lost soul. The quirk is that Stewart doesn’t see this.

What message do you have for your fans?

Thanks so much for supporting me, thanks so much for your constructive criticisms and lovely words. Thanks so much for putting up with my bad days and my good days. Thanks so much for sticking around! Here’s to many more and to one day, the next J K Rowling đŸ˜‰



PS: You can buy My Heart’s Choir Sings on Amazon and Smashwords If you’d like a copy for review on your blog, goodreads, or website, or if you are interested in ‘paying with a tweet,’ please email me at inkashlings@gmail.com

About InkAshlings

Maureen, Australian, young aspiring writer.
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