Maureen’s 50 in 50 list: Re-live ‘If Life Were a Musical’ with a flash mob!

I used to love the Chaser’s War on Everything’s ‘If Life Were a Musical’ segment. I love it when people break into song and dance in a film (My Best Friend’s Wedding style). I wish Keira Knightley’s wedding musical sequence from Love Actually could happen at every wedding. That’s how much I like musical moments and wish they would happen in real life.

Quite separately, I also have grown to quite like Kate Bush. Running Up That Hill is probably on my top 25 song list. So when I found out there was a Wuthering Heights Day annually, and one happening in Sydney HOLY HECK I WAS SO THERE WITH BELLS ON. Kate Bush flash mob? Yes please.

So last year, my friend, Marsha, my partner Tim and I got in on the action and dressed up full blown Kate Bush Wuthering Heights style and wuthered our way to happiness. So much so I can’t wait to do it again!

Tim, me, Marsha wuthering
Me, Tim and Marsha

Wuthering Heights Tim and I
Tim and I joyous after our wuther

On our way to the wuther, we had to switch train lines. Undaunted, we soon found fellow wutherers who know the dance much better than us and proceeded to teach it to us on the increasingly more crowded platform.

crowd gathers for the wuther
The crowd slowly forms for the wuther

At the actual event, people stood in front of our growing Kate Bush look-a-like flash mob to teach us the moves before we did the real thing. The hordes of people stumbling around, spinning around and nervously kicking out of time, was hilarious. After the wuther, there was a special choir performance, and then we went to a bar and played Kate Bush songs on the juke box. At one point, everyone wuthered through the bar.

What a flash mob we were! I can’t wait to do it all over again!!!

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